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Most Effective Content Marketing Secrets For Your Company

Statistics indicate that content marketing leaders enjoy 7.8 times more website traffic than those lagging behind. Neil Patel highlighted that only those that create compelling and valuable content succeed as leaders in the industry of content marketing. You may be wondering how. I shall give you the secrets of effective content marketing that will open a new page for your construction company.

Why Do You Need Marketing Content?

  1. To create your brand’s awareness
  2. To connect your potential clients with you
  3. To skyrocket your organic traffic
  4. Your search in result rankings to get boosted
  5. People get engaged and understand about your construction company better
  6. Your credibility gets boosted

What Do You Write In Your Marketing Content?

You need to ask yourself of the following questions before you start writing:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your audience searching?
  • What exact service or product are you promoting?
  • What is your audience interested in knowing about you or the industry?

For example: If your audience is average homeowners, narrow your thoughts to what they need to learn or know before purchasing anything from you. Below are some of the things your potential clients may want to know:

  • Which construction projects are profitable?
  • How to tell if the deal is good
  • What to ask before signing a contract with a construction
  • How to recognize construction scams
  • Top 5 tips to consider when remodeling a house

Use tools like Buzzsumo to get ideas on favorite topics that your audience might be interested to know. Use the following secrets of content marketing to boost your construction company’s sales and reputation.

1. Blog writing

Don’t be mean, if you are an expert in the construction industry; why not give out some of the secrets to your audience. Statistics indicate that a blog will give your construction site 434% better chance on search engines as highly ranked. Your content should be engaging and posted on your blog and websites that fall in your niche. If your articles don’t add value, then don’t waste time writing them.

2. eBooks

You need to educate your audience. EBooks are the only way to give detailed and long-form content.

When Should You Write An EBook?

• If you know about the topic

• If you are sharing secrets or knowledge on how to make money

• If you are offering value

EBooks are daunting to make. Break them up by use of visuals. When done correctly, you will get amazed how useful they turn out to be.

3. Templates

Recreate what your competitors or customers use in line with your service. Create original documents and offer them to others. Here are some of the templates in the construction industry.

a. Customer:

• Work Order Template

• Project Timeline Template

• Contractor Comparison Template

• Work Statement Template

b. Construction Industry

• Proposal Template

• Construction Agreement Template

• House Measurements Template

• Residential Construction Invoice

• Job Estimation Template

If not familiar with Photoshop or excel, these templates will have you scratch your head. Use sites like Fiverr or Upwork to get efficient and quick templates made for you.

4. Checklist

With handful things to remember in the construction industry, it is wise to have a checklist. It becomes handy in:

• Saving time

• Safety

• Reducing waste

5. Pictures

Who doesn’t love visuals? Use photographs before, during and after any marketing content to highlight your hard work.

With the above effective content marketing secrets, get prepared to see your construction company transform into a dollar minting machine.

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