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A Review Of "Hello Bonsai" & Why We Love It

Hello Bonsai is quite possibly our new favorite application on the internet and we feel we owe it to their team to give their app a review. This web application is a one-stop shop for all your client interactions. What's that mean for freelancers and agencies? We would say a headache free life, or at least a few less headaches than before. So how does it work?


You start by creating a proposal like you normally would for any other project. You can add sections which are like head lines and Paragraphs. Once you have it written up you can add your proposed pricing options and attach any other files that may be necessary. When you finish, you consent to your client and if they choose to continue they can accept directly on the website.


If your client accepts the proposal, a project is automatically generated and you are notified. Projects are places for you to house your hours, billing and contracts.


You have the option to create a contract after the proposal is accepted. Hello Bonsai will automatically bills the terms for a tight, legally binding contract to meet your needs. It is very impressive. We have attached a sample screenshot below. Any of the underlined or bolded areas have the ability to be changed out for example, country and state can be changed from Texas in the United States to Québec Canada and you can rest assured, that would need to change in the contract will change.

Hello Bonsai Contract Builder

Our favorite part of the contracts is the payment terms section, not because I'm a Scrooge, but because of the flexibility it gives you. For example you can choose between many different pay schedules, such as weekly, hourly, in milestones, and flat fees. This is great if you don't want to consult with a lawyer every time you want to change the contract. We will warn you, "hello bonsai" does not act as your lawyer nor does it give any legal guarantee. However, they seem pretty tight to me.

Logging Time

You can log time in Hello Bonsai via their website or their desktop app. When time is logged, it is synced to your given project.

Invoicing And Getting Paid

You can send an invoice whenever you want, and if you set up contracts it will follow those payment terms. For example, if you want to invoice $2,000.00 a week until the end of the project, it will make sure those reocurring payments happen until the project is finished. If you prefer to bill hourly, it will bill your logged hours whenever you tell it to. Whether that's once a month, once a week, or whenever you press a button to invoice those hours. There is a standard paypal or stripe credit card processing fee, which you can have your clients pay for, or if you prefer to absorb that cost for the client you can choose to do so. 


Hello bonsai is a really great tool for freelancers and agencies. You can keep all your project's contracts and billing in one place. 

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