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The Future of Web Design in 2018

The future of web design is here! Web design in 2018 is going to revolve around effective performance. There is no better time than right now to start examining the trends and future of web design. Optimizing your website investment requires you to evolve your craft over time and keep your visitors captivated by your design. Differentiation is everything, it is so important to differentiate your business from your competitors to make yourself shine. These trends in web design propose an opportunity to be ahead of the design game.

Remember, your company's website is 1 : 259,871,000 - Differentiate.

Full-Screen Videos

A big trend that you can expect to see over the coming year is more full-screen video offerings. Videos are a great way to connect with visitors that helps to immerse them into the brand, services, and content in a way that will hopefully keep them on your site. These videos help to increase conversions and add flair with functionality. When possible, strengthen your website's UX by incorporating lively videos. 

Progress Spectrum

There is so much creative opportunity to improve the "classic" progress spectrum. Below is your typical progress update that most websites provide for their users.


Designers will prioritize providing users with a more authentic progress spectrum will create a natural user experience online. A progress spectrum offers the opportunity to reflect a true user experience. Providing users with a progress bar that clearly defines their experience is innovative, trust worth, unique and engaging. 

checkout-progress-bar.jpgContent is King

Valuable content is such an asset to your business. As we head into 2018, our values are evolving. Users are attracted to upfront free value before they decide to purchase. Focus on your company's long form content, that goes below the fold means scrolling. Designers will include some tweaks in the UI (user interface) experience offered to keep the content engaging and naturally flowing.


Embrace White Space

It used to be that white space was something to avoid, and understandably so because it is wasted space. In the past, designers perceived white space as unused space on a given page, which will create design that is not fluid. In 2018, designers are now embracing white space to enable website to appear symmetrical. White space provides more padding between elements and evenly distributes elements throughout the course of a page. Symmetrical web design draws the user's attention to the brand’s conversion elements or areas of engagement. This design is a fantastic example of designers embracing white space. 

Homepage  Haute Living.jpeg



As technology evolves, designers will be implementing Intelligent Conversational Bots on their site. This can allow for numerous features, such as a bot being programmed for frequently answered questions where the user can interact with the bot rather than using a static list FAQ. This use of technology is more efficient for business owners, saving time and gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs. 

Failure Mapping

Designs of the future are going to take into account the skill levels of those using the site, and create failure mapping. This prevents people that are computer illiterate from doing something wrong on the site. Apps and sites will be able to adjust based on the knowledge and age of the user.

Increased Micro-Interactions

Many users enjoy being able to easily interact on real-time, with their favorite sites. Take Facebook for instance, a micro-interaction that doesn’t take any time at all is being able to like or share a post. More websites will start allowing the user to interact with the site without having the page reload so they can go through with their interaction quicker.

Hybrid Progressive Apps

Mobile apps are extremely popular, and more and more designers are starting to employ these hybrid progressive web apps that mashes the best of both worlds into a site that makes user’s experiences better. Some of the elements that fall under this topic are splash screens, push notifications, animated page transitions, the ability to be offline, and even automation.

Visual Features

There are a number of visual features that designers will implement in the 2018. You can expect vivid colors that pop off of the page along with an increased use of gradients. Personalization is key, and these will help to make a site pop. Pictures and illustrations will be another popular trend in the coming year because they can tell a whole story while being personalized for the site. Typography and fonts are another area that designers can use to help make a website pop going beyond the simplistic.

2018 is going to be here soon, and it’s time to start embracing the design trends that are going to be more in style. Do you have a question about how you can integrate them into your site to get a visually more interesting site and stand out against your competitors? Leave your questions below in the comments and don't forget we are here to help.

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