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5 Digital Marketing Tools For Construction Companies

If you own a construction company, then you connect with the changing world of marketing. In the last ten years, marketing efforts have drastically transformed as technology continues to evolve which makes it easier to form a relationship with potential customers. Are you wondering why? Thanks to the internet! We are now living in a digital age that has transformed businesses and the way we market them. As a contractor, you need not worry if you experience trouble navigating the world of digital marketing. Read on to get a grasp of five digital marketing strategies that will help you get started.

1. Informative and Engaging YouTube Videos

After Google, YouTube is known to be the best and largest search engine. You can use it to learn anything and about everything. Amazingly, you get to construct Do It Yourself (DIY) videos that explain about your products and services. Though it’s a bit hectic to come up with a good video, the results skyrocket your sales and swell your bank account. Marketing entails gaining your audiences’ trust. It may be an uphill task but giving information with no conditions does the trick. People value informative messages and especially those that help solve their problems.

It might require a moment of stepping outside of your comfort zone, but the task is very doable. Use your phones video feature and take a few authentic videos that illustrate your company's area of expertise. Promote your valuable videos on the major social media platforms and your blog to reach the target audience and convert them into sales.

2. Use Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you get your website to rank on the top search page, it means that you’ve successfully accomplished a Search Engine Optimization. For example, if you want the phrase “best construction company (town X)” to show your website on the first page when searching the words, then you must have search engine optimized your site. If not experienced and for better results, contact an experienced agency to do it for you or learn the ropes before you get started.

3. Directories

Web directories can be a game changer for your online presence and business. You only need to spot the relevant directories to spent time on creating your company’s profile. Use directories that target your demography such as Yelp.com, Contractors.com, and AngiesList.com. Never forget to fill in important details like your phone number, website link, and email address for potential clients to reach you quickly.

4. Marketing On Social Media

It is a no secret; social media is an incredible tool when it comes to connecting you with customers in your area. But not all social platforms are efficient or reach your area, get to know the channels accessible to your audience. Build a social media presence for your construction company two or three platforms that work for you. We recommend Facebook and Instagram so that you can post photos of your construction designs/updates on recent projects.

Facebook advertising works amazingly well for construction companies. Could you be wondering why? You get a chance to hyper-target your leads through such qualifiers as:

  1. Location
  2. Job title
  3. Net worth

You need to test various Facebook ads and discover which ads work for your construction company. We recommend A/B testing your ads. 

5. Remarketing

Incorporate the latest digital techniques of marketing. Capture leads online by posting blogs, ads and campaigns that provide upfront value. Remind your target audience of the services that you offer so they view your construction company as an expert in the idustry. It’s a strategy called remarketing that works wonders if not miracles for your construction company. Past visitors that had forgotten to contact you get reminded. You get a chance to convince previous visitors into revisiting your website and buying your services. Many contractors perceive creating a remarketing campaign to be intimidating. It’s not the case. It's a magnet to pull and maintain those who had previously logged in and off without taking any action.

These digital marketing tools will help your construction company optimize its' lead potential online. 

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