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4 Key Tactics to Keep Your Users On Your Website Longer

Could you imagine having to count the number of websites that can be found online? There just wouldn’t be enough time in the day. There are actually over a billion websites that are currently live, and this number is consistently increasing. With mobile technology available at all times, the number of websites available increases everyday.  This means that there are more websites than your potential customers could ever use. You may wonder what is it that makes a website stand out? Often, this has to do with a combination of factors that include the person having the habit of going to the site (Facebook, anyone?), design and most importantly, user experience. You don’t have much control over the habits of online visitors, but you can control user experience on your company website. So, let's give your users the best first imporession and keep your users coming back for more. 

Monday, September 25, 2017 by

The Most Important Web Site Design Tips to Impress Your Users Online

The technology that we have today has completely changed the way that people share information and interact with each other. It’s pretty amazing to consider how an email can reach a person as soon as you click a mouse when in the past a letter could take a week or more to get to a destination. The beauty of the internet also means that the number of resources available to a person has continued to grow at an exponential rate, and the global economy that we live in, thanks to technology has caused even greater competition among businesses. Two aspects of web-based applications that have become crucial in staying competitive due to this change in the global market are interactivity and user engagement.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 by

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