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4 Key Tactics to Keep Your Users On Your Website Longer

Could you imagine having to count the number of websites that can be found online? There just wouldn’t be enough time in the day. There are actually over a billion websites that are currently live, and this number is consistently increasing. With mobile technology available at all times, the number of websites available increases everyday.  This means that there are more websites than your potential customers could ever use. You may wonder what is it that makes a website stand out? Often, this has to do with a combination of factors that include the person having the habit of going to the site (Facebook, anyone?), design and most importantly, user experience. You don’t have much control over the habits of online visitors, but you can control user experience on your company website. So, let's give your users the best first imporession and keep your users coming back for more. 

What is User Experience?

User experience is sometimes referred to as U.X., and it plays a significant role in how successful your website is for people using it. This is a vital factor in getting people to want to use your site, and can directly impact how popular your website is for visitors. A web designer must determine what function they want their website to do for the user, and then find the easiest way for the user to accomplish whatever task is necessary to fulfill that role. In this day and age, people have access to getting what they want when they want it. 

1) Intuitive Features

The tricky part of this equation is that the web designer isn’t able to give a tutorial on how to use their website. Therefore they have to design a website that makes it easy for the vistor to navigate. That means that the designer needs to make it very intuitive so that the user just knows automatically what they need to do to accomplish their goal. So, for a travel website, the designer needs to make it easy for someone to book a trip without much guidance on how to do it or for a retail website, the designer makes it easy for a user to make a purchase online.

2) Pleasing to the Eye

Not only does the design have to be easy for a user to automatically know what they need to do to accomplish their task, but it also needs to be pleasing to the user as it needs to look aesthetically pleasing. A page that looks overly cluttered or not spaced nicely will look less than professional and potentially spammy which typicall results in someone leaving the page upon arrival. People are attracted to websites that look amazing and handle their needs easily. If the website does not accomplish these features, they will move on to the next.

3) Poor U.X. Design

You may ask yourself what’s the worst thing that can happen if you have a poor U.X. design for your website. Well, the person that clicked on your link will just go ahead and click the back button to get to their original search for the next result. That's it, if thats your goals, then you have won! But, I think we both know that your mission is to provide their user with the solution they are searching for, so let's provide them with what they need. No user is interested in wasting time trying to figure out a website, and will just move on to the next website that has a better U.X. design. Too many popup ads, loud music, and other issues with your site can scare away potential customers before they can have a chance to get a feel for your business. 

4) Fixing U.X. Design

Website owners with poor user experience, there is a solution! User experience is something that can be controlled, and offers the potential to completely revamp your business. Check out your competitors to see what you like and don’t like about their sites. Talk with your customers that you know use your site to see what they like and what they don’t like. Get feedback from friends, family, or even a service on how your website performs when it comes to the experience users have with it.

Taking some time to tackle these issues for a better U.X. design means that you’ll be more likely to have people staying on your page, and even coming back to continue using it. Achieve your company goals by providing your users with an exceptional user experience. 

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