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Three Steps to Cultivate Wood Projects Into A Business

Can anything give us the kind of finesse we get from wood? In its abundance around the world, people love using wood in almost everywhere. Keenly and professionally curved into beautiful furniture, wood is a major contributor to the impressive decor found at homes, kitchens, offices, restaurants, and schools. Do you possess those crafty fingers that work magic on wood? You should be smiling straight into the bank. You need to start doing wood projects that sell. Don’t worry, relax and read on; this article will outline the three steps to doing wood projects that sell.

According to The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA), the year 2010 sales numbers indicate that woodworking and crafts ranked as the best-selling work, earning approximate $3.322 billion. So, why not think about how much you can make from your woodcraft hobby or passion. You can make a living from your wood projects. Here are the simple steps you get to transform your work into a profession and enjoy the fruits of wood projects that sell.

Step 1: Start It Simple

Without experience, coming up with a finely engraved and curved piece of furniture is not only tricky but a hard nut to crack. With your experience as a hobby and driven by your passion, start simple. Consider making simple but most used items in households. Make a list of such things as:

• Rolling pins

• Bar stools

• Benches

• Cutting boards

• Walking sticks and canes

• Wooden jewelry boxes

• Birdhouses

• Tables

• Signboards

Step 2: Add Designs

On mastering the art of making plain designs of furniture pieces, you can start adding carvings and style. Use your plain chairs and tables to master your carvings and style skills. Simple carvings like those of leaves or flowers get recommended. While drawing, let it come naturally. Try to be unique. Consider drawing your designs on the paper first before transferring it to the furniture.

Step 3: Introduce Complexity and Uniqueness

If you manage to carve tables and chairs, then carving other items becomes easy. Explore your imagination and create your brand. Already now an experienced wood crafter, you can do wood projects that sell more at this level .You will need to get the required machinery and equipment or enroll in a course to get the facts right and correct specifications.

Step 4: Promote Your Work And Get Seen

It’s time to let the world know what you have in store for them. Gone are days when you would desperately wait for clients to walk in and go home at the end of the day with just a meager earning. In the technology world today, the sky is the limit. Unlike the past, with online marketing, you can make millions a day.


How Do You Market Your Products Online Successfully?

If done correctly, online marketing can bring millions of customers within a short time. That means you can quickly become a wealthy person. Isn't it fascinating? Here are the tips on how to market your wood projects:

1. Create A Professional Website

The website is like your physical business. You cannot succeed without one. The 3 billion people that use the internet every day should be able to reach you through a central online place. Many companies offer web hosting services such as HostGator. Others are perfect for web creation and design. Contact them and have your site up and running.

2. Grab Your Customers' Attention

Customers that visit your site have got a limited attention span. You need to grab their attention within the first 10 seconds of their visit. Just have a simple website that is easy to navigate. Refrain from forcing your clients to register on their first visit on site. Avoid asking for too much customer information. The buying process should be short and straightforward.

3. Offer Exemplary Customer Service

Provide reassurance to your clients. Give product guarantees and after services. Secure and verify your website with trusted third parties like McAfee or Symantec.

4. Promote Your Website

Having a good website does not guarantee the sales you need. Attracting many clients to your site to purchase is the key. Create accounts and pages with all the leading social networks like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Use search engines like Google and search for what interests your customers. Engage your clients about their concerns and interest through these digital platforms. Try and resolve their problems. Clicks on your website will not only increase but also convert to buying customers. Will you not get tickled pink as you watch your bank account swell?

You will get stunned how a combination of commitment, quality products, and continuous quality online marketing can build you an empire almost instantly. It is never, ever too late to start. Start your journey today, build your craft, figure out the opportunity at hand and go attack it. 

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