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The Top Six Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Website Investment

Just having a website isn’t enough as there are many websites vying for the attention of users. It’s important to have a high search ranking where you’ll show up on the first page to start getting more visitors to your site. The best marketing tips for your website are little tweaks that you can do to your site and actions you should be taking to improve your search ranking.

Search Ranking

Did you know that the first result that shows on a search listing enjoys a 34.36 percent click through rate when the person views it on a desktop and a 31.36 percent click through rate on mobile searches according to recently compiled data on Hubspot?  It’s more important than ever to work on improving where your website ranks when it comes to pertinent keyword searches.  Each of these topics can help to improve your search ranking.

SEO Fundamentals

There are a few SEO fundamentals that you need to keep in mind when it comes to marketing your website. Each of these fields in your content is important and should be considered carefully.  You want page titles that are distinct and different from others.  When you use meta descriptions, you want them to be pertinent to the content and different.  Your link anchor text and alternative text should both be specific and pertain to your content.  Headings are another big win for your website’s marketing and should be specific and relevant to what you’re writing about in the text that follows.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can be a real problem for search engines and may cause your content to drop in your search rankings.  Duplicate content is when content that’s identical or very similar is located on different web addresses.  Even if there are minor differences in the text or pictures, it could still be seen as duplicate content. It’s essential to do your due diligence when posting content to your website.  Use a plagiarism checker when adding new content to identify any problems with duplicate content.

Social Sharing

Social media has changed the way that many businesses use the internet.  Creating content that’s popular enough to be shared online means that you’re engaging your audience, and they are in fact helping you to market your business.  Having a more engaged audience that visits your website, and shares your content is very beneficial to your marketing efforts. This gets your message in front of not only those that already know about your company but their network of friends and family.  Social sharing is great for your SEO optimization.

Facebook Pages

Not only should you create content that is shareable, but you should invest time in adding Facebook to your marketing efforts. As of 2016, Pew Research Center estimates that about 79 percent of all users of the internet will use Facebook. This statistic indicates that about 68 percent of all adults in the United States are on Facebook. It remains the most popular social media platform and is an excellent way to get your marketing message out to loyal and potential customers alike. Creating a Facebook page for your website is another great way to engage your audience by posting updates about your site, sales, and other information that can be easily shared.


Search engines use a variety of factors when determining where your website will show up in their rankings. Backlinks are one of the most important factors that are considered by search engines in figuring your rankings.  It’s all about quality and quantity of backlinks. Think of your backlinks like a citation for a school paper.  It’s your source of information. You want to use the most authoritative sites for your backlinks, and don’t be shy when it comes adding backlinks to your content. Build your credibility and generate trust because you are the expert.  

When marketing your website each of these factors will play a role in your search ranking, and shouldn’t be ignored.  Paying attention to these SEO fundamentals, avoiding duplicate content, creating content that gets shared, having an engaging Facebook page, and utilizing high-quality backlinks all combine to a pretty powerful package.

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